Day-trips near Mexico City

  • Get to know Xochimilco and its chinampas. Discover the relationship between the countryside, kitchen and nature. Learn about agriculture from the hands of those who plant. Enjoy a freshly harvested meal with fresh and organic ingredients. Learn about the germination of seeds, the colors of the plants, their aromas, and even enjoy cocktails with freshly harvested ingredients.
  • Explore the Dinamos and be amazed by the forests that surround Mexico City.
  • Get to know the Iturbide Dam.
  • Enjoy the activities of the Marquesa: Horseback riding, gotcha, fishing, ATVs, go-karts, mountaineering and hiking, among others.
  • Discover the Salazar Forest.
  • Tour the Arcos de Tembleque in Nopaltepec and discover the field of Tunas (in season you can learn how the thorns are extracted from tunas and nopales)
  • Discover the archaeological zone of Teotihuacán by hot air balloon, bike, and learn about everything on a tour where you also enjoy a local meal. (Balloon, bike, tour, lunch with local ingredients).
  • Learn about one of the most unique and traditional craft processes in the country: mexican toys made out of cardboard.
  • Discover the flora and fauna of Xochimilco by visiting an apiary, learning about axolotls, crops, and chinampas.
  • Enjoy a day of art in Coyoacán, visit Frida Kahlo’s house, walk through the main streets and paint an alebrije.
  • Taste and make your own piece of cocoa.
  • Tour the city on an electric bike and enjoy the gastronomy of the city.
DURATION From 1 day
AVAILABILITY All the year.
TRIP TYPE Connection with nature and communities, adventure, crafts, culinary experience, historical sites.
LANGUAGES Spanish , English