Trueke offers you the possibility of having a vacation where you can rest, enjoy, and meet new places. It offers you the possibility to discover all the beauty of Mexico and at the same time collaborate with the local communities, learn from them, their culture and build a relationship with them.

Travelers can get involved with communities as much as they want.

Trueke can organize volunteers, donations or activities and dynamics that travelers propose, for example if they would like to give a workshop to the community on a specific topic.

Of course! Trueke can organize the trip in case you want to go in your own car, we would give you a detailed itinerary with all the directions to get to the places.

In case you prefer a trip with a private driver and transportation, Trueke can organize it for all destinations.


Trueke offers the full trip planning service so that travelers don’t have to worry about organizing anything. We put together the complete trip with all the services that you require.

It is important to arrive at the times indicated in the detailed itinerary that we send you before your trip and you will have a tolerance of 15 minutes. The people who teach the workshops and activities are organized to receive you at agreed times.

It is possible to make the payment through deposit or bank transfer.

Trueke organizes trips to places around Mexico that are safe and have no conflicts.

Before the trip begins we will inform you about the weather so that you can go prepared.

Before the trip begins we will give you the checklist with everything that is essential to bring to your trip.

The roads you pass on our trips are safe. In case you are going to cross an area of dirt we will inform you in advance.

The tip is always optional, if you liked the service provided, you can leave a tip of whatever amount that corresponds to the service.

The ages for which we recommend each trip are indicated in the details section of each destination. If you would like a more specific recommendation, you can contact us so we can tell you the details of each trip.