Our history

Trueke comes as a result of different trips and experiences around Mexico. We realized that when we are willing to leave our comfort zone, it is when magic happens, when we are more open to learning experiences and personal growth.

In 2008, we worked on a social project in rural and marginalized communities in the state of Oaxaca. Apart from falling in love with Mexico, its people, its culture and its natural beauty, we knew that we wanted to do something that would have a social impact.

Our social work and passion to travel led us to consolidate the idea in 2013. We saw the opportunity to support productive communities in our country through tourism. Not as an assistentialism support, rather one that generates an impact through an exchange experience.

Trueke is an alternative travel agency in which the traveler gets a unique experience by learning from the communities that he or she visits. Travelers learn diverse processes, from crafts and agritulture to gastronomy and traditions, among others. All this while we take advantage of all the natural, historical and cultural beauties that Mexico has to offer.

In this way, we are generating a society more conscious and respectful of the work of others; and at the same time we are supporting communities, not just by generating an additional income, but by giving back the meaning and pride to their traditions which have pass through several generations.